When I asked Irene about her experience at Fountain Circle, she simply stated, “It was excellent!”. She continued to tell me about the individuals who had major roles in her progress and ultimate success. Her Physical Therapist, Elle, and Physical Therapist Assistant, Jeff, knew exactly how to push her just enough, but not too much. With a huge smile across her face, she told me how she refers to Jeff as “Rocky”. Then she spoke of how helpful the Occupational Therapist, Jennifer, had been in preparing her to care for herself. She was grateful for the care she had received from the Weekend RN Supervisor, Geri; the Certified Nursing Assistant, Ashley; and the Registered Nurse, Patricia. As her and her family were leaving, making their way to South Carolina, her husband pulled our Administrator aside and stated that Fountain Circle had exceeded all of their expectations! That sums it up, her time here was simply excellent!